Juggle and Balance

Reading aloud

One of the activities  that I have loved most about parenting is reading aloud.  Okay, so occasionally I read aloud before I had my daughter, but having a kid gives you license, almost requires you to read aloud and often.

My daughter is now 10 and it’s harder to find the time but I encourage myself and you to keep doing it. It is a ritual of family life that shouldn’t don’t end.

A great resource for tips on how to improve your reading aloud experience can be found in Jim Trelease’s book The Reading-Aloud Handbook or by visiting his web site.  I’m linking here to his free parent brochures:

http://tinyurl.com/ak47cn  but there are also excerpts from his book on his web site.

Please let me know about your experiences with reading aloud.


Turning toward spring

There’s been a lot of weird weather this winter. All that snow in DC. Snow in all 50 states–a very uncommon event. But right about now, when the mornings get brighter and the days longer, I’m thinking about gardening. All you gardeners know that feeling, and you know what to do. But for you brown thumbs, a simple activity to do with your kids is to visit websites about seeds or order catalogs from seed companies.  Then, browse and savor  the variety of plants and the gorgeous pictures.  Start conversations about where food comes from, because for many kids, it seems like all the food comes from “the store.”

One of my favorite web sites/catalogs is Seed Savers http://www.seedsavers.org.   These folks do amazing work gathering seeds from around the world to protect our future food. Learn about everything from purple potatoes to rhubarb.

Then, buy some seeds and plant them indoors. Don’t worry if they don’t grow perfectly or if they die. It’s the planting that is fun and the watching.  Imagine spring.

First post

My blog is going to be reflections on trying to get closer to balance in my life.  Okay,  balance is probably unattainable, but learning to be happy with the juggling part and the “sometimes” balance is what I’m after. My niche is broad, probably too broad, but that’s what I want this blog to be.  I want to explore the constant juggling, balancing and re-balancing that we do in our desire to lead a meaningful life.

So, I imagine myself writing about: parenting, gardening, local food, continuing to lead a literate life when the demands of work and parenting are constant calling.   And also about sustainability( the green kind), kid’s books, kid’s media…

Okay I’ll stop listing and post a resource that I’ve found invaluable.  Common Sense Media (www.commonsensemedia.org) has helped me in my attempt to find a balance between my daughter’s media usage and real life.  This site has tools to find fun, age-appropriate books, movies, games, video for kids. Check it out and share it with friends.  Then, please, share your tips how you navigate this balance.