Juggle and Balance

Bored with the same old books?

Most parents are looking for book recommendations for their kids. Of course, kids are great at picking out their own books, but sometimes they need a little help, too.

Before you head to the library or the bookstore, check out Planet Esme, a very helpful children’s lit resource planetesme.blogspot.com.

Right now she’s featuring books for February’s African American history month and I discovered a gem, a book about Jackie Robinson that I think my daughter will love (called Testing the Ice: A True Story about Jackie Robinson.) She’ll love the art and she’s in a “this is a true story?” stage.

Esme is a former teacher and the blog has amazing info for parents and teachers alike.  I also ran across some fun grandparent-themed books….one on a nana detective looks like serious fun.


First post

My blog is going to be reflections on trying to get closer to balance in my life.  Okay,  balance is probably unattainable, but learning to be happy with the juggling part and the “sometimes” balance is what I’m after. My niche is broad, probably too broad, but that’s what I want this blog to be.  I want to explore the constant juggling, balancing and re-balancing that we do in our desire to lead a meaningful life.

So, I imagine myself writing about: parenting, gardening, local food, continuing to lead a literate life when the demands of work and parenting are constant calling.   And also about sustainability( the green kind), kid’s books, kid’s media…

Okay I’ll stop listing and post a resource that I’ve found invaluable.  Common Sense Media (www.commonsensemedia.org) has helped me in my attempt to find a balance between my daughter’s media usage and real life.  This site has tools to find fun, age-appropriate books, movies, games, video for kids. Check it out and share it with friends.  Then, please, share your tips how you navigate this balance.