Juggle and Balance

Turning toward spring

There’s been a lot of weird weather this winter. All that snow in DC. Snow in all 50 states–a very uncommon event. But right about now, when the mornings get brighter and the days longer, I’m thinking about gardening. All you gardeners know that feeling, and you know what to do. But for you brown thumbs, a simple activity to do with your kids is to visit websites about seeds or order catalogs from seed companies.  Then, browse and savor  the variety of plants and the gorgeous pictures.  Start conversations about where food comes from, because for many kids, it seems like all the food comes from “the store.”

One of my favorite web sites/catalogs is Seed Savers http://www.seedsavers.org.   These folks do amazing work gathering seeds from around the world to protect our future food. Learn about everything from purple potatoes to rhubarb.

Then, buy some seeds and plant them indoors. Don’t worry if they don’t grow perfectly or if they die. It’s the planting that is fun and the watching.  Imagine spring.