Juggle and Balance

The balancing act: fresh food and work

So many of us are trying to eat in a more healthy way.  We’re trying to grow more of our own food and not using processed foods.  We buy local as much as possible, we buy organic, and we sign up for CSAs.  All this is fabulous, but there is a need for convenience sometimes and we can feel guilty about this. There’s a good essay about this at:http://www.nytimes.com/2010/03/14/magazine/14fob-wwln-t.html.  Thanks to Bonnie Azab Powell at Grist for her blog entry about it.

I don’t really think this is a black or white thing.  One thing we do is check out cookbooks from the library that have the “fast, easy food” bent.

I’ve also found http://www.epicurious.com to be a godsend.  I love it because I can take a couple ingredients and do a search for an easy way to use those ingredients that I already have. You can also load in your favorite recipes so that everything is in one place.

We also eat more raw stuff.  We’ve tried to get into the slow cooker thing, but that would require thinking ahead too much.  What do you do to cook real food but do it in this time-starved world?


First post

My blog is going to be reflections on trying to get closer to balance in my life.  Okay,  balance is probably unattainable, but learning to be happy with the juggling part and the “sometimes” balance is what I’m after. My niche is broad, probably too broad, but that’s what I want this blog to be.  I want to explore the constant juggling, balancing and re-balancing that we do in our desire to lead a meaningful life.

So, I imagine myself writing about: parenting, gardening, local food, continuing to lead a literate life when the demands of work and parenting are constant calling.   And also about sustainability( the green kind), kid’s books, kid’s media…

Okay I’ll stop listing and post a resource that I’ve found invaluable.  Common Sense Media (www.commonsensemedia.org) has helped me in my attempt to find a balance between my daughter’s media usage and real life.  This site has tools to find fun, age-appropriate books, movies, games, video for kids. Check it out and share it with friends.  Then, please, share your tips how you navigate this balance.